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Objective 3

OBJECTIVE 3: Reduce disposition time frame by improving ECM/EDC.
  • OBJECTIVE 3.a.: On hold, pending EDC decision. Reestablish an Early Disposition Court (EDC) in a centralized location with Judge to take pleas/Informations. Prosecutor will determine eligibility from F5s, F4s and F3s. EDC eligible defendants will be offered a plea resolution with an agreement or recommendation of probation.
  • OBJECTIVE 3.b.: Conduct expedited case management (ECM). Conferences for all other cases (except Major Trial Unit, Economic Crimes Unit, Public Corruption Unit cases and cases involving sexually oriented offenses) to negotiate agreed Information charges.
  • OBJECTIVE 3.c.: On hold, pending EDC decision. Maintain grand jury deadlines. Jail cases to grand jury within 10 days; bail cases to grand jury within 15 days of initial appearance (IA).
  • OBJECTIVE 3.d.: On hold, pending EDC decision. Reduce overall time from indictment/information to disposition. Reduce time for preparation of Presentence Investigation Reports by half, by providing probation officers instant electronic access to prosecutor files.
  • OBJECTIVE 3.e.: Trial outcomes and pleas for Early Case Management (ECM) dockets