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Objective 1

OBJECTIVE 1: Pretrial Detention. Reduce average felony pre-trial detention of individuals to < 30 days for lower-level felony cases and for all felony levels by enhancing bond and program availability. Redefine/adjust Expedited Case Management ("ECM")/Early Disposition Court ("EDC") vs. traditional, separately for jail and bail cases. - On Hold Pending ECM Process Redesign

Average Arrest to Disposition Timeline (Jail & Non-Jail Cases)

  • OBJECTIVE 1.a.: Reduce pretrial detention and reduce pretrial jail days. (Goal IV JSR Measures)
    - Resolve 75% of all criminal cases within 180 Days from Judge Assignment.
    - Resolve 95% of all criminal cases within 270 Days from Judge Assignment.
    - Reduce pretrial detention commensurate with attainment of these objectives.
  • OBJECTIVE 1.b.: Improve trial date certainty. - Under Construction