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JSR Dashboard Objectives and Measures

OBJECTIVE 1: Pretrial Detention. Reduce average felony pre-trial detention of individuals to < 30 days for lower-level felony cases and for all felony levels by enhancing bond and program availability.

OBJECTIVE 2: Prompt first appearance. Reduce time from arrest to first court appearance (IA) with attorney and discovery to within 48 hours.

OBJECTIVE 3: Reduce disposition time frame by improving ECM/EDC.

OBJECTIVE 4: Retention of cases in municipal courts. Encourage municipal courts to retain the cases that they believe are appropriate for their jurisdiction.

OBJECTIVE 5: Reduce pre-trial detention jail costs.

OBJECTIVE 6: Reduce expenditures for assigned counsel. Track and reduce expenditures for assigned attorneys. Perform a meaningful indigency assessment prior to assignment of counsel. Determine when assigned counsel fees should be reimbursed by non-indigent defendants.

OBJECTIVE 7: Develop a Central Booking system. Aim to complete a Central Booking system. Sheriff’s office to accept, process and record check Cleveland police prisoners at the Cuyahoga County jail.

OBJECTIVE 8: Conduct community confident/satisfaction surveys.

OBJECTIVE 9:  Collection of Monetary Penalties.

OBJECTIVE 10: Reduce recidivism. Use EDC court and alternative programs to reduce future criminal conduct by program participants.

OBJECTIVE 11:  Provide annual statistical report(s) that track progress.